Our Volunteers

There are always opportunities for volunteers who want to get involved, teach yoga or related activities, short or long-term, with or without teacher certification. If you are interested, get in touch!


Nicky Barnes Volunteer Teacher, Committee Member Nicky found yoga whilst living a busy corporate life in in London in 2000 and has continued to explore her passion in yoga as she’s moved around the world. Completing a Teacher’s qualification in Sivananda yoga in India 2003 Nicky has taught classes in the Caribbean before moving to Vanuatu. Nicky is teaching beginner Hatha Yoga for the Yoga Association and loves to inspire people of any physical level. Her classes include inspiration and poses from many yoga schools but aim to ensure the student leaves the class with more energy than when they began.
Carol Dover Volunteer Teacher, Committee Member Carol has been practicing yoga for 14 years. She came to Vanuatu in 2010 after having lived 9 years in PNG. The wonderful instruction and great class energy at the Vanuatu Yoga Association has been a real life changer! Carol has also studied through intensive courses in Indonesia, Spain, Mexico and Canada as well as the odd class in London, New York and Sydney. Carol does not have a yoga teacher certificate, she offers a vinyasa flow with modifications suitable for all levels. The class will seek to strengthen core and focus on breath and building stamina.
Tessa Fowler Volunteer Teacher Tessa has practiced yoga for many years. She enjoyed yoga so much that she wanted to share.
Sera Ngeh Volunteer Teacher Sera first discovered yoga in 2006 during final year at university as stress relief. Since then, she has continued to explore the various aspects of yoga, with a focus on Ashtanga yoga. Sera has regularly attended the Melbourne Ashtanga yoga school since 2007, learning from the various teachers in the studio. She soon realised that the physical aspect of yoga is just one part of the much bigger practice. Sera has attended workshops in Greece and Melbourne, and visited ashrams in India and California as well as undertaking mediation retreats to further expand and deepen her practice. Sera has informally taught Ashtanga yoga in Tonga and Geneva and is taking alternate Saturday morning classes.
Allan Kalfabun Committee Member
Mandy Fitchett Volunteer Teacher, Committee Member
Amy Green Volunteer Teacher Amy came to yoga more than 8 years ago at the suggestion of a Feldenkrais practitioner who she had been working with to manage the challenges of mild scoliosis. Yoga helps Amy to understand how to work within the limitations of her body, to feel grounded, and to strengthen the connection between her body and mind. Driven by a desire to share yoga with others Amy completed a 235 hour yoga teacher training with Radiant Energy Yoga in Canberra, Australia.

Amy believes that yoga is for everybody, and strives to support her students in their own process of understanding their place in the world.